Mounting & frames

Your artwork will be developed as original art prints and if you choose , also carefully mounted on aluminium-Dibond of the exact same size or framed by our truly experienced partner.  The aluminium-Dibond back is gallery standard and make the work light, easy to handle - very solid, easy to mount and ready for your wall. With a UV-protective laminate applied for better protection of the work from damage.

The artwork is made on the best durable gallery quality paper and with UV resistant ink, which ensures that the artwork will keep its color. But still be aware of hard direct sunlight. Nothing can compete with the sun for years.

All pieces are in museum quality. 


The surface options and Dibond aluminium plate. 

Aluminium-dibond sealed with acrylic glass

The art print is first mounted on an aluminium Dibond™ plate then fixed with acrylic glass. This makes the piece very solid and easy to handle, 

The acrylic glass provides a beautiful surface which makes the motif stand out in the room. The reflection is eliminated up to 65% compared to regular glass and is more pleasant and clear. This acrylic glass gives the work a exclusive modern look. It enhances the colors in the work and gives greater depth to the colors.


Aluminium-dibond matte laminated

The art print is first mounted on an aluminium Dibond™ plate and then mat laminated, which gives the artwork a beautiful matte look.

The matte lamination provides a beautiful surface, which does not glare or reflect from the surroundings. The aluminium plate makes the piece very solid and easy to handle, easy to mount and ready for your wall.

The back Dibond plate consist of 3-layers - one polyethylene-core with 0.3 mm alu-plates on each side in total 3 mm thick.


Some artwork will have the option to select a frame with glass. Either with the dark smoked oak or a warmer less dark walnut frame. Some pictures will then have a classic white edge around the art print of aprox.10 cm.

Smoked oak frame

Wall mounting

With hidden hooks and spacers the mounted artwork is easy to hang.

Wall mounting system for smaller matte laminated sized pictures.

If your artwork is matte laminated 80 x 120 cm ( aprox 39 x 47 inches ) or smaller, we use two aluminium hangers. This will make your artwork float 5 mm from the wall. It is easy to mount on your wall and you only need two small screws to keep it in place.

Wall mounting system other options.

All pictures with acrylic glass no matter size or matte laminated larger than 80 x 120 cm ( aprox 39 x 47 inches ) will have a hidden aluminium back frame for extra enforcement. This will make your artwork float beautifully 20 mm from the wall. You only need four small screws and it’s easy to mount on your wall.

Packaging and safe shipping

Your new artwork is carefully and secured packed and shipped safely to you worldwide, for your enjoyment.

Tax reduction

Danish compagnies can fully tax deduct all art under 1500€ within the same year.