“ The Inner rooms II Love Songs”
A physical space can be a mood container, just as our body is a physical container for our soul. 
Moods are sensed and arise in an interaction between man and nature and in between people. This shapes an inner space in people with that feeling. Your Inner room.
Through my early childhood and now in my adult life I am often at the wild and beautiful Danish west coast where my family ties go back 350 years. When returning to this basic nature, it gives me a deep inner peace and sense of belonging. But there is also a longing against the endless horizons of the sea. Here in the vulnerable nature the elements reign. The way of life here is strongly defined by the cycles and rhythm of the seasons, the movement of the tides, wind sun and the moon. 
Visiting other nordic countries I felt the same raw force from nature and gentle inner energy. These feelings have been supplemented with the notion drawn from quantum physics and buddhism that nothing is solid. This strengthens my belief that we as humans are interwoven with the natural phenomenons, rather than being detached from nature.
If we embrace this notion truly, where will this realisation take us , and how does the surrounding nature shape our inner rooms ?
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