Gallery Krebsen Copenhagen
Exhibition 28 may - 9 june 2021
Proud to be a selected to be a part of Copenhagen Photo festival's official partners program.​​​​​​​
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" Love songs 9  "

" Love songs 7  "

Part two " Love song 6 "

Raupach examines presence in two coherent exhibitions.
In the Inner Rooms series, Raupach philosophizes through photos on the questions: What does the world look like through the perspective of different people? 
If we can become aware of the possibility of changing the perspective of our own world, then which inner world will one choose to live in?
Raupach experienced that the prism he saw the world through changed through conscious presence. He has then consciously worked with photographic forms and shifts, in a quest to make the hidden inner rooms visible. Rooms that arise when an experience goes through our various filters.

This search led him on to the series Love Songs which is about the nature within people. “During walks along the North Sea, I saw nature with this new gaze. I felt a deep connection with an all-embracing nature that unfolded around me - being an intertwined part of something larger with unconditional acceptance. Does nature basically provide what we seek in life and love? ”
Through poetic visual journeys in the Nordic countries, Raupach examines whether the specific surrounding nature influences our perception of and presence in the world.
Does nature define some basic human longings differently, depending on whether you grew up in Danish, Icelandic, Swedish or Norwegian nature - by the sea, in the forests, or in the mountains? 
What kind of nature has a place in us and how is it expressed in us?

The artist is present all days. Also with sneak peek at the upcoming photobooks.

Part one " Inner Room 9 " 2020

Part one " Inner Room 12 " 2021

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