"Dipping my wings"  / California 2013

From Kunstavisen..
"A world of many dimensions is the key theme in Quantum world. Different dimensions in time and space, different aspects of humanity all brought together in one image.
Raupach creates this multi-dimensionality with his unique layering technique. The base is most often of photos taken on his many journeys around the world and put together in up to 50 layers. From here his imagination flows.
He draws on them. Explores and delves into the colours. The result is neither photo nor collage, but a whole new hybrid form. It's a new world. Where the specific becomes abstract and the abstract is made tangible.The multiple layers revealing and enhancing new aspects of the world.
When the spectator draws close to the work , a New York skyline mixed with Cairo’s horizon appears or a portrait of a person who doesn’t actually exist, but who is composed of many different people. The reworked images placed in layers create an unusual depth and vividness reflecting Raupach’s distinct sense of the world. Finally the art is printed on Fine Arts ultra matt paper in large formats. This paper’s texture gives the images a particular physicality and expressive structure." 

"The next morning"  / California 2013

"Moonfire" found material 2020

"All Arrivals" / New york - Cairo 2013 

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